L’monfizz Cocktail No. 1 – “The Cranberry Cooler”

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L’monfizz Cocktail No. 1 – “The Cranberry Cooler”

By Elmien Lerm

What better way to start 2019 off with a party vibe, a celebration mentality, and an ice-cold, succulent Magalies L’monfizz cocktail in your hand? With this special recipe we are spicing it up with Galliano Amaretto liqueur, a tasteful treat straight from the heart of Italy! Felice anno nuovo, salute! (Italian for: Happy new year, cheers!)


–          2 Shots (50 ml) Magalies L’monfizz Cranberry Red

–          2 Shots (50ml) Galliano Amaretto Liqueur

–          2 Shots (50 ml) Magalies 100% orange juice diluted with clean, drinkable water according to the given mixing ratio

–          Mint leaves

–          Crushed ice


–          Mix/shake in a blender

–          Pour in cocktail glass with crushed ice

–          Garnish with mint leaves, cranberries and/or an orange wedges.

For a non-alcoholic version substitute the liqueur with an Almond syrup or add a few drops of almond essence to taste.

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