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Our concentrates are grouped in terms of the regulations relating to the classification, packing and manufacturing of fruit juice and drink intended for sale in the Republic of South Africa (R.286, 7 November 1980).



Cordial A concentrated fruit beverage product, which has to be diluted to a minimum ratio of one to three (1:3), to produce a suitable product after dilution in ready-to-drink form.
Dairy blend
  • A fruit dairy blend containing part dairy and a minimum of 6% fruit juice.
  • A fruit flavoured dairy blend containing part dairy and less than 6% fruit juice.
Fruit flavoured drink A beverage product, which resembles fruit juice derived from fruit in appearance, flavour and taste.
A beverage product with a fruit flavour imparted by the main ingredient of the product.
Contains less than 6% juice.
Fruit drink Contains at least 6% juice content of the named fruit.
Fruit squash Contains a minimum of 24% juice in undiluted form and a minimum of 6% in diluted form, and can be classed as a drink.
Fruit nectar A fruit beverage made by mixing fruit juice, water and permitted sweeteners to yield a product containing a percentage of fruit juice at standard strength – the percentages are prescribed by legislation and specific for each type of fruit, for example, orange nectar must contain at least 50% of orange juice to be classified as a nectar and guava a minimum of 20%.
100% unsweetened fruit juice A beverage product consisting of fruit concentrates, pulps and purees, it can comprise one or a variety of fruit concentrates, pulps or purees, and the addition of sucrose or any other sweeteners is not permitted.
“Not-from-concentrate” (NFC) A pressed and pasteurised form of fruit juice, it can either be stored frozen and eventually packaged in ultra-high temperature processing (UHT) packaging or, if the NFC is not frozen immediately after being pressed and pasteurised, it can be packaged in aseptic packaging.
Fresh fruit juice Additives are not permitted and this juice must be sold within two hours of extraction.

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