L’monfizz Cocktail No. 2 – “Pink Russian”

L’monfizz Cocktail No. 2 – “Pink Russian” - Magalies Citrus

L’monfizz Cocktail No. 2 – “Pink Russian”

by Elmien Lerm

Our next daring-but-delicious Pink Russian Magalies L’monfizz cocktail will cause your taste buds to uncontrollably dance the Hopak (which is a very famous, traditional Russian low-squat-and-kick dance, that is performed with extreme athleticism and energy)! Raise your glasses up high, and as the Russians would say, ‘Nostrovia’! 


–          400 ml (1 bottle) Magalies L’monfizz Grapefruit Ruby

–          3 Shots (75ml) Vodka

–          2 Shots (50 ml) Campari liqueur

–          Wedges of grapefruit and mint leave

–          Crushed ice


–          Mix the vodka, Campari and ice in a cocktail blender

–          Pour into 2 glasses with ice and top-up with the L’monfizz Grapefruit Ruby

–          Garnish with grapefruit wedges and mint leaves

For a non-alcoholic version substitute the Vodka and Campari with a few drops of bitters.

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