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How to Read Foodstuff Labels: Ingredient List and Nutritional Information Table

by Dr. Marli Botha You know how books have a table of contents that explains what's inside? Or maybe you have a toy that came with a diagram that identified each small piece. An Ingredient List and Nutritional Information Table are very similar. They tell you what's exactly inside the food you're eating and list...

Mulled apple juice – “THE EL FUEGO DE MANZANA” (The Apple-Fire)”

by Elmien Lerm Mulled cider, also called apple cider, is traditionally an unpasteurized and unfiltered non-alcoholic drink made from apples. This Mulled Apple Juice is the perfect drink to warm up with, when you get back from a hard day's work, or when you want something a bit fancy to have in front of the...

Fruit Juice Smoothies – “THE KICKSTARTER”

by Elmien Lerm A smoothie is a delicious, thick and creamy beverage made from pureed raw fruit, vegetables, and sometimes dairy or fruit juice products, typically using a blender. It has several great benefits for balanced diets and healthy, active lifestyles:Aids in digestion Balances hormonal functioning Boosts brain power Controls cravings Controls mood swings ...