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  • PAS 1+4 fruit nectar range[photo]
  • 12% 1+4  Fruit drink  range (HDPE plastic bottles) [photo]
  • 5 litre Burst Nectar Range(HDPE plastic bottles) [photo]
  • 100% Unsweetened Fruit Juice Range (HDPE plastic bottles) [photo]
  • Bulk Packaging Concentrates. Drums, steel drums and flexi-tainers [photo]
  • Lemon Cooking Oil (Available in 250- and 500ml glass bottles) [photo]

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Vol. 2: Salmon with granadilla sauce – mouthwatering stuff!

Time to step up your culinary skills – Master Chef here we come! This is a classic and simple, yet very eloquent dish – definitely one to impress your date with, or the hungry in-laws coming over for a Sunday lunch! Complement the salmon fillet with fragrant rice, succulent stir-fried veggies or a fresh salad. Add a glass of cold-crisp Sauvignon Blanc and your taste buds (and the in-laws!) will thank you and praise your cooking skills repeatedly afterwards – a meal fit for royalty!