Our Products

  • PAS 1+4 fruit nectar range[photo]
  • 12% 1+4  Fruit drink  range (HDPE plastic bottles) [photo]
  • 5 litre Burst Nectar Range(HDPE plastic bottles) [photo]
  • 100% Unsweetened Fruit Juice Range (HDPE plastic bottles) [photo]
  • Bulk Packaging Concentrates. Drums, steel drums and flexi-tainers [photo]
  • Lemon Cooking Oil (Available in 250- and 500ml glass bottles) [photo]
  • 1L 100% bottle (Available in 1L 100% bottle) [photo]
  • L'monfizz (Available in 250- and 500ml glass bottles) [photo]

Latest News

14 November 2018

in & Juice Cocktails: Pine Mango Twist

Long-lazy day in the scorching sun? Dreaming of lying on a hammock somewhere on a tropical island with an ice cold one in your hands? No worries, we’ve got your back! The third summer–shaker gin-cocktail on our menu is called the Pine Mango Twist! It’s a first-class ticket taking you straight to that idyllic spot on the beach… Read more