SKYY Vodka & Juice Cocktails: “The Doctor”

SKYY Vodka & Juice Cocktails

SKYY Vodka & Juice Cocktails: “The Doctor”

By Elmien Lerm

The holidays might be over, but the summer is not yet! We’ve got a perfect cure for those who are still suffering from some serious holiday blues… meet “The Doctor”…! A delightful mixture of Magalies 100% Fruit & Vitamins fruit juice and SKYY Infusions vodka bliss! Cheers to a fruity and prosperous 2019

THE DOCTOR (350 ml Serving)


Crushed ice or ice cubes

30 ml SKYY Infusions Passionfruit or Vanilla vodka

250 ml Magalies 100% Fruit and Vitamins fruit juice (diluted)



Mix in a blender

Pour in a cocktail glass

Garnish with pineapple or orange slices


Now close your eyes, take a sip, and imagine that you are still on that sunny beach…

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