Myths, Legends and Traditions associated with Fruit – Volume 3 – (Article 3 of 6)

Myths, Legends and Traditions associated with Fruit – Volume 3 – (Article 3 of 6)

by Dr. Marli Botha

Food is an important part of any celebration in all countries of the world, regardless of culture or religion. Here are some traditional celebrations from around the world that include fruit and vegetables:

In many Jewish communities, there are additional traditional foods eaten, each symbolizing a wish for the coming year. Many eat pomegranates, giving voice to a wish that “our merits be many like the [seeds of the] pomegranate.”

A long-standing English Christmas time treat is the minced meat pie. The delicious filling used in this traditional offering contains apples and a variety of dried fruits including raisins. In South Africa we would be remiss if we did not include the Christmas fruitcake.

The New Year, or Soll, is a time of celebration in Korea and many other Asian countries that follow the Chinese calendar. Kimchi, traditionally made with fermented cabbage, is a must during this holiday feast.

In Venezuela, Hallaca is a favourite served at Christmas this is made with corn dough, a mixture of meats, raisins and olives that are wrapped and tied in plantain leaves and then steamed.

Traditionally New Year’s Eve in Italy is celebrated by eating a big pot of lentils, the feast in known as Festa De San Sylvestro. Legumes are thought to represent wealth and prosperity therefore it is consumed to bring wealth and success in the coming year.

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