“Having a zest for life!” Volume 3 – (Article 3 of 8)

“Having a zest for life!” Volume 3 – (Article 3 of 8)

by Dr. Marli Botha

A “zest for life” means that we live each day with a sense of excitement. We take action and change things rather than complaining. We look at the positive side of life and move forward despite challenges faced!

4 FUN FACTS about ‘ZEST’:

  1. Zest is a food ingredient that is prepared by scraping or cutting from the rind of unwaxed citrus fruits such as lemon, orange, citron, and lime.
  2. In terms of fruit anatomy, the zest is obtained from the flavedo (exocarp) which is also referred to as zest. The flavedo and white pith (albedo) of a citrus fruit together makes up its peel.
  3. The amounts of both flavedo and pith are variable among citrus fruits, and may be adjusted by the manner in which they are prepared. Zest is a key ingredient in a variety of sweet and sour condiments, including lemon pickle, lime chutney, and marmalade. Lemon liqueurs and liquors such as Licor de oro, require zest.
  4. Lemon zest is colourful, extremely flavourful and adds a burst of freshness to your favourite dishes.

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