Beverage Trends in 2022: Health-Conscious Consumer – Volume 1 – (Article 1 of 6)

Beverage Trends in 2022: Health-Conscious Consumer

Beverage Trends in 2022: Health-Conscious Consumer – Volume 1 – (Article 1 of 6)

by Dr. Marli Botha

The health trend continues to rise, and it simply cannot be ignored. The pandemic has been a clear driver, with over a third of people now making more of an effort to be healthy than they were back in 2019. Today, over 7 in 10 UK adults are proactively trying to lead a healthier lifestyle.

But the real challenge for manufacturers is that what ‘healthy’ means to one person is often different to the next.

People are drinking lower calorie or lower sugar drinks, another trend is keeping track of the calories or sugar content of foods and beverages they consume.

Most people are also limiting their alcohol consumption.

Shoppers have the desire to be in control of food and drink decisions and they will consider how their purchases contribute to protecting their health and/or the health of the planet.

Citrus products are in the spotlight due to the rich source of vitamin C having an impact on the immune system, whilst vitamin D-rich mushrooms are the functional favourite for the next few years. But making an appearance is a new wave of ‘super’ ingredients rich in vitamins and nutrients –  elderberries, gooseberries, ginger root (Chinese ginger), acerola cherry and Kakadu plum.

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