Secondary production

Our secondary production products are sub-divided into two basic categories:

Bulk packaged concentrates

  • Packaged in 25 litre and 50 litre Blopac drums, 200 litre steel drums and
    1 000 litre Flexi-tainers

    25l Bulk packaging [photo]
  • Produced in a wide variety of flavours, percentages and mixing ratios
  • Mainly supplied to bulk fruit juice packaging companies for use in diluting various ready-to-drink beverages

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Small packaged concentrates

  • Packaged in 1 litre and 2 litre
    PET** containers

    • 1l packaging [photo]1l packaging [photo]
      PAS* 1+4 Fruit Nectar Range – 6 flavours
  • Packaged in 5 litre HDPE*** containers

    • 5l packaging [photo]
      12% Fruit Drink Range – 4 flavours
    • 5l packaging [photo]
      PAS* 1+4 Fruit Nectar Range – 6 flavours
    • 5l packaging [photo]
      Burst Fruit Nectar Range – 4 flavours
    • 5l packaging [photo]
      100% Unsweetened Fruit Juice Range – 7 flavours
  • Packaged for the retail and wholesale markets.

*PAS = Partially artificially sweetened

**PET = Polyethylene terephthalate

***HDPE = High-density polyethylene

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