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L’monfizz Cocktail No. 3 – “The White Sangria”   


For those of you who prefer white wine or Champaign to a red, we have the perfect solution in the form of a Spanish ‘delicia Blanca’ (the white delight)! This genius twist of the traditional Sangria (which is a red wine, brandy or rum concoction), along with a splash of our succulent Magalies L’monfizz Appl’ Green sparkling lemonade, will leave your white-wine-taste buds craving for more, long after the last drop has been devoured! 




-          2 bottles of Magalies L’monfizz Apple Green (2x 400ml)

-          1 bottle of sparkling white wine or white Champaign (750ml)

-          1 bottle of white wine (750ml)

-          1 sliced apple

-          1 cup of fresh cranberries and/or strawberries

-          1 cup of white grapes (halved)

-          Rosemary springs

-          Ice cubes or crushed ice


-          Mix the white wine, fruit and rosemary springs in a large pitcher bucket

-          Chill in the refrigerator for at least an hour

-          Add the sparkling wine or Champaign and Apple Green L’monfizz

-          Serve with ice in Mason jars or big wine glasses

For a non-alcoholic version change the sparkling wine or Champaign to a sparkling grape/apple juice and the white wine to a non-alcoholic wine or grape/apple juice.