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Gin & Juice Cocktails: Mango Tango

Are you geared up for summer yet? With temperatures already pushing into the deep 30 degrees Celcius, you are going to need to refresh like a boss, and what better way than with an ice-cold Magalies cocktail! The second summer-shaker gin-cocktail we present on our menu is called a Mango Tango! Let’s dance! 

Magalies Mango Gin 1

 Mango Tango (350 ml Serving):

Crushed Ice or Ice Cubes

25 ml Dry Gin (1 tot)

15 ml Lemon Juice

250 ml Magalies 100% Mango Juice Ready to Drink

Mix together in blender or Cocktail Shaker

Poor in Cocktail glass

Garnish with Cherry and Mango Slice.

Simply le-GIN-dary! Enjoy!