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Continuously gaining insights from around the world contribute to a company’s sustainable competitive advantage both locally and internationally. Magalies marketers, Herman du Preez and Morné du Plessis attended the recent IFT16 show in Chicago, Illinois, USA, held between 16 and 19 July 2016, to investigate what the “hot topics” currently are in both food technology and the retail market in the USA.USA

The IFT16 show is the USA industry's largest collection of food ingredients, equipment, processing, and packaging suppliers under one roof. This is where the latest global food trends, and the products and innovations designed to address them, are on display. The show consists of more than a thousand exhibitors and it attracts more than 23,000 people each year. The premises where the event was hosted is larger than 7 rugby-fields!

Herman and Morné said that it was a great experience to discuss ideas with world market leaders in food technology and retail, and are convinced that there are several concepts and innovations that could be applied and contribute to the South African beverage industry and Magalies’ retail marketing strategies for the future.

Research was done on market trends in several retail and wholesale stores like Walmart, 7Eleven, Walgreens and Wholefoods.

A day was also spent in New York City to broaden the research scope on various retail outlets and street vendors.

The IFT show is recommended for almost all divisions’ managers and worth your while.