Our Products

  • PAS 1+4 fruit nectar range[photo]
  • 12% 1+4  Fruit drink  range (HDPE plastic bottles) [photo]
  • 5 litre Burst Nectar Range(HDPE plastic bottles) [photo]
  • 100% Unsweetened Fruit Juice Range (HDPE plastic bottles) [photo]
  • Bulk Packaging Concentrates. Drums, steel drums and flexi-tainers [photo]
  • Lemon Cooking Oil (Available in 250- and 500ml glass bottles) [photo]
  • 1L 100% bottle (Available in 1L 100% bottle) [photo]
  • L'monfizz (Available in 250- and 500ml glass bottles) [photo]

Latest News

16 January 2019

“R” is for Rosehip!

If you grow roses in your garden, you may get the added benefit of rosehips, a cool-cat fruit that packs a healthy punch! Rosehips are the rose plant’s seed pod/fruit, although most home gardeners don’t get many as we prune back our roses to encourage strong blooming. Rosehips are typically a vibrant reddish-orange, but in some species, hips can be dark purple or even black. They are tart and reminiscent of a zesty crab-apple in flavour, although not quite as tasty! Read more...

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